Making Friends with Ghosts

by We used to be Tourists

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This LP was recorded in the Summer of 2015 at the A&O-Studio in Berlin. We recorded most of the songs live, as a whole band in front of 21 microphones. Sometimes we opened the windows to let a cool breeze in and smell the rain‘s earthy scent. We even did a seven minute recording of heavy rainfall, but that track unfortunately never made it on the album.


released September 24, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matthias Kaatsch. at A&O-Studio. All songs written by Benedikt Schmitz, Konstantin Kreiner & Isabell Meiner. Lyrics by Benedikt Schmitz


all rights reserved



We used to be Tourists Köln, Germany

Indie Folk from Cologne, Germany.

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Track Name: The Bullfighter's Girl
„This one is for you my love“.
The Matador is bathing in applause
The beauty in the highest row
The finest girl he has ever known

And Geraldine looks back at him
In the distance, picture of a man
Where he stands the ground looks lighter
A dancer in the shoes of a fighter

And as the bull is charging speed
He meets her face under his sheets
„I swear“ he says „Just one more time.
I won’t be going down tonight.“

As she left the hotel floor
She gave the press
what they were waiting for
The story of a matador
who’s fallen for the girl without a flaw
And they run their mouth
„It’s such a shame,
that young love is bad luck for the game.“

As the bull is passing through
the linen cloth of red and blue
The dancer swiftly jumps aside
And looks his lover in the eye

Oh, What a tragedy
The beast turns way too fast
There, On the balcony
The beauty jumps right up
Oh, With great agony
His skin is torn apart
And the dancer shouts a cry out for his love
Track Name: Broken Hearts Writers Club
Hey Ben, remember back when
you lost your shit in late 2011?
When that Hollywood actress
messed with your practrice
messed with your heart
and so you messed up your parts

And Paul leaned over, he knew it all along:
All we need for a really good song
is someone to fuck us up

Hey William, how are you feeling?
I hope you are better these days
Because your songs don‘t sound brighter
Than the ones you used to write her
The one that got away

It was really nothing, you knew it all along
All we need for a really good song
Is someone to fuck us up

Hey Pete, did you really fall as deep
as the sun titled you did?
When that hollywood model
with a weakness for rockers
took what you‘re taking
before she got taken from you

You Won‘t get sober, you knew it all along:
That all we need for a really good song
Is someone to fuck us up

Benjamin and William and Pete
They sit in a circle and they’re staring at me
They want to here how I ended up in this
place, for good

And I look at my glass and it’s empty again
And I’m thinking why’d you change this winning
team, never change never change never
change never change

I’m in love with the liquids
that get me drunk
The way that your love
used to get me drunk
Track Name: Thicker Skin
I drink too much and I don’t care enough
I barely sleep at home
I guess when it comes down to it
I’m better off alone

The nights grow longer while the
days grow short
I’m lonely, I am bored
If only you could see me now
Oh my, Oh my god

I need a little less pain in the songs I sing
I need thicker skin
A little more courage in my blood stream
I need thicker skin

I met somebody at a bar last week
And I think she’s just like me
Broken, and lonesome
She can’t decide on which side to sleep

We got drunk and we got high
Until we ran out of supplies
And when her lips touched mine
for the very first time
How I felt alive
Track Name: Walking on Eggshells
I never said I was an honest man
I’d be lying if I told you I was
But the truth isn’t always hard to bend
And we’re walking on eggshells
Everytime we talk

Sweet little lies
Keep em playing every night
Like every pop song singer singing
Everything will be alright

But you know that can’t be true
And it won’t be me and you
But this tastes so much sweeter
Than the awful bitter truth

Two separate lives
in two separate plastic bags
Some laundry and your book
And those recorded old cassettes
You take a look inside and return the tapes
When I get home I’ll play them all over again
Track Name: I am the Onion
I took myself out for a drink tonight
I wore all my sweaters at the same time
And when it’s you I think about
I take one off and sweat it out

I am the onion
But I’m the worst of my kind
I am the onion
But I’m the only one that cries

Peel off these shoes
Peel off this shirt
Peel off my skin
Does it burn in your eyes?
Track Name: Cottage Market Liquors
I wrote her all the way back home
From my trip to the liquor store
Where all my organs wanted her
Only my liver could take no more
Track Name: The Things We Left Behind
I haven’t been much but a wild cub
I haven’t done much but breaking hearts
And I know I promised that I would grow up
But lately I promised too much

I haven’t been much but a restless man
I’ve learned a lot but how to stand
Still I came around biting every hand
That fed the mouth of this restless man

I need someone to take care of me
Oh that someone couldn’t it be you?
And in the morning when I get up and leave
Would you stay behind or leave with me

I won’t be much of a wise man
Everything I learn I tend to forget
That’s why I’m armed with a paper and pen
To hunt down these demons hunting me

I don’t need much but a caring girl
To pick up the pieces of things I’ve destroyed
Throw them in my face and utter with joy
Boy, you’re a wild boy
Track Name: Making Friends with Ghosts
There’s a ghost in the spot
where you used to stand
Every inch just like you
but with shaking hands

The way that it looks
makes me less of a man
So I play this guitar
with a shaking hand

I sing my songs just for you
I sing my songs in a broken tune

I shake it, I shake it, but nothing comes out
I shake it, I shake it, but nothing comes out
I shake it, I shake it, but nothing comes out
And every word that I think
Is afraid to leave my mouth

Now that we rule this town,
your advocate and me
I walk these grounds
with shaking feet

But when they come asking
„Why did she leave?“
I tumble down
to my shaking feet

I shake it, I shake it, but nothing comes back
I shake it, I shake it, but nothing comes back
I shake it, I shake it, but nothing comes back
Every word that I said
I proudly wear around my neck

Take off your make up
I want to see what you’re made of
I was made of doubt
Track Name: Vultures
You wake up with your clothes
on your bedroom floor
And everything she said last night
left you wanting more
When you got everything
you got a whole lot of shit to loose
And she’ll leave you like a dog in the alley
when you finally do

Now you wake up dehydraded
on your kitchen floor
And everything you said last night
went missing in a blur
But when you got nothing
you got nothing left to worry about
And you were happy like a dog in the alley
when you finally found that out

We got vultures on our shoulders
And every single song we sing
Is an oilslick in their wings

So let them suffer, let them starve
They won’t feast on our broken hearts
If we sing, oh we sing

Now you wake up with your head
in your hands over heels
And every wound that you keep licking,
it won’t ever heal
I don’t mean to bore you,
but I guess it’s too late for that
But you were happy like a dog in the alley
only full of regret

It’s our future in the past
This was never gonna last
We’re never gonna make it home alive
Track Name: Long Beach, CA
We are shy and we try not to be seen
Like those teenage boys
Lurking round the condom machine
Patiently waiting for everybody to pass by
Wondering quietly
what might be after tonight

In a room with a view
We pulled all the blinds down
We are safe, we are sound
So come and put your arms around me

Tell me where to hang my head
Or I will bury it in sand
And when the tide comes rushing in
We can dig it out again

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